Top 10 Activists Who Made A Difference

11 Aug 2020

Top 10 Activists Who Made A Difference. We here at Babble Top have put together a list of the top 10 activists who made real historical differences in our world. Where would we be today without human rights? In most parts of the world, if you were a woman born 100 years ago, your political voice would go unheard; you would not have the right to vote or in many cases to own property. If you were a child, you’d most likely have a job working in difficult conditions. Most likely fitting in spaces that are too small for adults. The world is not currently perfect, there are still child laborers, unequal rights between men and women, racial disparity and so on. That being said, we believe humanity is changing for the better, so we’ve decided come up with a list of ten social activists to commemorate their achievements and share the good that they’ve spread throughout the world.

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