Money Laundering: The Art of Cleaning Dirty Money

20 Aug 2020

You’ve got some good underground business ventures going on
You’re a professional who’s only loyal to one thing - the holy dollar.
You’ve got some businesses on your hands that are doing really well, now you’re drowning in cash.

Unless you can show that all that money came from a legitimate source like a regular business, then you are screwed
If you use this dirty money to fund your lavish lifestyle, eventually, you’ll catch the attention of those gov agencies like the FBI, IRS, DEA

We need a way to clean that money, to disguise the nefarious origins of how we earned the money, so that we can spend it on real estate, legitimate businesses, the lavish lifestyle that you rightfully deserve
We need to learn the game of one of the biggest industries in the world - the business of money laundering

Money laundering is the life blood to our profession of organized
cleaning the money you got from your enterprise was easy
But today, it’s different - law enforcement has realized how vital money laundering is to us

They’re a lot stricter with banks, they’ve made it so that any business dealing in cash has to report transactions over $10,000, and they use algorithms to catch on to suspicious transactions

Like any other profession or industry, as the landscape evolves, so do the tactics
But the fundamentals of how to launder money are still the same

1. Conceal the ownership and source of the money
2. Change the money’s form
3. Obscure the financial trail
4. Complete control over the process and the people to prevent skimming

Step 1: Get the dirty money into the banking system
One popular way to go about doing this is by using legitimate businesses as fronts for your laundering

Buy a restaurant, bar, retail store, or any other business that deals in a lot of cash, and carefully inject a little extra cash into the business’s books every day

Step 2: After dirty money is brought into the financial system, it’s time to hose off all that dirt

Set up a bunch of dummy shell companies around the world in areas where the economy is stable, and they don’t enforce money laundering as heavily
Send the money around the world to as many different accounts

Step 3: Withdraw the newly washed money from your accounts back into circulation as sweet, taxable, and most importantly, legal income, that you can spend on whatever

No one will be able to trace the money back to you

Now as your fiduciary, I am compelled to give you this warning
If you want to be a successful laundryman, you better innovate
Society is also gradually getting more and more cashless, and although cash won’t be going anywhere for a while, cryptocurrencies have already taken over the criminal world by storm

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